April 20th, 2009


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At physio today, I just couldn't keep up. Had to stop - my muscles were yelling nasty things at me. One of the girls running the program did a blood ox on me, to find it at 94. If i was in the hospital, they wouldn't discharge with with a blood ox under 96. I was rather surprised, actually, as i expected it around 96, 97.
So now i need to remember; if my muscles ache like this for no apparent reason (ie; i didn't recently run a marathon) then my blood ox is probably pretty low. Its an indication the oxygen transfer between blood and muscles isn't working properly; backing up; it means my lungs aren't making enough blood oxygen TO transfer to the muscles.
I really want one of those little machines that you can read your blood ox with. That thing is totally cool. And a very good tool for someone like me. Better than the damn peek flow.

Have I mentioned how tired I am? I'm having an (i thought) small asthma attack, walked to physio, did physio, did the shopping AND walked back. Yeah, I'm tired.