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April 18th, 2009

just goes to show, i CAN keep the house clean, when its just me making it dirty. plus i'm making serious inroads into the sheer, staggering clutter. Its making me damn tired, through.

But it makes me feel like a human being again. *elephant man voice* I am NOT an animal.

it seems, i can have heating. Or i can have hot water. but not at the same time. No matter how i put the switch, as hubby instructed before leaving, i can only get one or the other. I'm thinking of trying the position he said was "off", and seeing if that works.

My mother has called me twice this week. She's not having a good day. Hard time communicating. She's got a new kitty, which, may or may not be pregnant. Its a little love bug and making her crazy.

I stepped foot outside into the garden today, for the first time in ... years. I have a serious infection of green fly, which I've promptly taken care of. DIE GREENFLY! DIE! My apple and pear tree are blooming. It smells heavenly.