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April 12th, 2009

Apr. 12th, 2009

my hair has continued to fall out. stress is a bitch. it was at the, homeless diseased wispy stage. it made me want to shave it off, and have done with it.
so i did.
okay, i left about a quarter of an inch. well, okay - maybe a bit less that that. it covers my scalp, but thats about it.
I love how it feels - healthy. and fuzzy lol.
as i was throwing away the cut off bits, i realized just how brittle and stiff it was. Very damaged hair!

grandma has confirmed middle, estranged, pregnant daughter of mine, is going to have a girl. pretty freeking sad she's not bothered to call or email me the good news. I'm taking bets she names her Mary.

oh, and happy easter to those who partake.

I'll partake the chocolate.

bathroom done today! gone: one grouting bucket that was pretending to be a trash can, 6 bottles of shampoo with so little left in the bottle, it never made it to the opening, 2 rusty bath seats, 1 empty can of compressed profine, 1 tea kettle, 10 rusty razor blades, 3 towels so thin, you could see the weaving and... odd bits and pieces of this and that. amazing the crap that was stored in there.