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April 10th, 2009

Apr. 10th, 2009

Those who've been to my house, know how big the entry way is. about, um, 10 feet by 6 feet.
in that space, we have the second fridge, with hubby's meds in it, a large container scavenged off the street (broken doors), the pegs for coat hanging, a chair, 3 canes, a walker, the cat carrier, and a rug or two rolled up and placed along the wall. You basically had a 1 foot wide funnel to squeaze through to get into the rest of the house.

Chair, with splintered seat, is now in the garden, and replaced with chair from living room (which also needed room). rugs now layed out where you can see them. All coats now in closets. Walker in MILs room (i can still get the door open, so still plenty of room in there!). I also found a cord frayed disasembled lamp behind the fridge; in the rubbish now. Broke door; rubish bin. I can now see the walls and floor, and opened the space you need to get to the rest of the house.

found; 5 sets of keys, 2 umbrellas, a shoe horn and two boards (thown out)

living room; all the pillows needed for MILs comfort, now in her room. Down to two chairs in living room, one now in hall, and another outside.

Kitchen; 1 spice cabinet done, the next when i get about 2x the amount of new containers i already bought. I will open up 1.5 shelves lol.

Left to do today; donate all the shoes no one ever wears anymore. Check the 5 boxes in hallway storage; if its crap, out they go. go get more spice containers.

and my energy is still up!