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April 9th, 2009

Apr. 9th, 2009

Hubby and MIL arrived safely in pakistan. I am hogging the bed. Enjoying the silence. Cleaning the house... yes, you read that right. I've also realized one of the reason I so rarely clean the house is because I can't keep up with MIL making it dirty. Yeah, i always did a quick sweep every time i went in there - throwing away the used tissues, putting dirty crockery in the sink - but I'd only do the counters when i could find them. This was a rare occurrence. I'm about to take the silverware out of the drawer and start soaking them. The other day I had to pry two spoons apart, and scrape the food from the prongs of a fork. This is disgusting. When i can pick up a plastic bowl, by placing my fingers against its wall and lift it without using my thumb, my skin crawls.

I'm also going to go to the pound store and buy a ton of containers. fine, she wants 20 different spices. I'm okay with that, i actually use some, sometimes. What makes me nuts is their in coffee containers, creamer jars, baby food jars, butter containers, ... ANYTHING but a clear jar where i can see whats IN it. So, going to go get a bunch of clear plastic containers and MOVE ALL HER SPICES. having same size and stackable containers will also open up about 10 square feet of storage room lol

So far, in the trash, has gone 2 chairs, 1 western style, torn up mens shirt, 6 now grey hued bottles, 4 books and a bag of chips about 6 months old. I will be ruthless.

Just before she left, MIL gave me a fair well speech - it sounded very much, to my western ears as a "good bye forever" speech, but it seemed it was only a "until we meet again" speech. Had my hopes up there, briefly, before they coming crashing down. Shes under the impression we're getting along really well. And we do, so long as I keep my mouth shut.

I've also order 4 pratchett books i've never read; 2 movies (disney; tarzan and wall-e) and a shopping trolley, so i can go buy stuff and not have to rip my fingers off, trying to get it home.