March 31st, 2009


(no subject)

computer chair arrived; box open and damaged. Soooo figures.
missing; 1 screw.
Extra screws for people stupid enough to lose a screw; 1.
i had visions of white coated lab rats with clip boards, ticking boxes.
Q; "how many times can you get the arms on wrong before finding the right way?"
A; "4".
Lab Rat One; anyone got a video recorder?
Lab Rat Two; you can just see her frustration level rising with each screw that needs to be taken out. Someone get some electrodes on her.

Still - with the help of hubby muscle, its together. I DID get most of it done, just needed man power to get the back to fit on.

*sits on new chair and waits for shahhe to discover MY new chair* (hers is in the corner!)