March 25th, 2009


(no subject)

i bought a new computer chair. One of those executive things with the tall back, leather facing, lots of fluff cushions. tilt, higth, the whole she-bang. it better last years and years.
I will be giving the one i have now to shahhe. MAYBE then she'll stop fighting me for chair rights. Damn cat can tell time. "murrow? *tap*" means "its midnight bitch, my turn, out of the chair"

Tai chi is getting harder; we've gone from 10 reps to 40 and i damn near died today. Well, okay, i had a hyperglycemic episode. Went all pale and clammy and felt like i'd pass out. Didn't feel better for hours, even though i'd eaten some high sugar stuff.

still looking for a place to live. I've come to the conclusion if i want a place fast, i'm going to have to go up a few levels on higth. it means if the lift breaks, i'll have to do stairs. its that, or wait god knows how long to get a ground floor flat. with garden if i'm highly lucky.

also still waiting for cleo to TELL ME WHATS GOING ON. *poke* She needs to read old posts on her lj *hint*