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February 12th, 2009

went and saw the flat they offered me. i turned it down - not the best, first viewing and i turn it down, but it did give me a great base line to know what to expect from these places.
The reason i turned it down, it was on the '3rd' floor (fourth to americans!) but only had 1 lift. if it broke, i'd be stuck in the house, cause i couldn't do that many stairs to get back up.
luckily, i think this was the only place i put in a bid that didn't have 2 lifts, at least. most of them i applied for were ground floor dealies.

and my cost of getting a place just quadtrippled. not just a tv, but a refrigerator, washer and cooker need to be added - as well as carpeting or wood flooring. the woman who showed me the place said they were all like that. hubby said we can pick up some appliances from a second hand shop fairly cheap. god knows how i'm going to afford flooring. i kind of wanted to get a couch, too. at least a chair, ffs. thats not counting all the little things, like pots and pans, dishes, food.... oh, yes, lets not forget food. heh.
cleo's planning on visiting in april! and the grandkids! that would be so totally cool!