February 12th, 2009


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went and saw the flat they offered me. i turned it down - not the best, first viewing and i turn it down, but it did give me a great base line to know what to expect from these places.
The reason i turned it down, it was on the '3rd' floor (fourth to americans!) but only had 1 lift. if it broke, i'd be stuck in the house, cause i couldn't do that many stairs to get back up.
luckily, i think this was the only place i put in a bid that didn't have 2 lifts, at least. most of them i applied for were ground floor dealies.

and my cost of getting a place just quadtrippled. not just a tv, but a refrigerator, washer and cooker need to be added - as well as carpeting or wood flooring. the woman who showed me the place said they were all like that. hubby said we can pick up some appliances from a second hand shop fairly cheap. god knows how i'm going to afford flooring. i kind of wanted to get a couch, too. at least a chair, ffs. thats not counting all the little things, like pots and pans, dishes, food.... oh, yes, lets not forget food. heh.