February 11th, 2009


(no subject)

surprise! or at least, i'm surprised. I got a letter to come see a property. Of all the ones i applied for, it was one of the least i wanted. 2nd floor flat - but it had 2 lifts, so if one breaks down, at least there's another one. i got the letter today - and the showing is tomorrow. what if it'd snowed, or the mail delayed the delivery? kind of tight notice, i think. and they would have blamed me for not talking to them.
still, we'll see how it goes. one good thing about it, its very close to victora park. incentive to get out and take walks.
i found ONE place that said pets were okay. I've come to the conclusion 'no pets' is a knee jerk ticky box, and they really dont give a damn. come on, NO pets to the british? it'd be like cutting off a hand.