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January 7th, 2009

Jan. 7th, 2009

right then - here's a couple of things i never mentioned...
when in hospital this last time, i mentioned that i kept choking, it was raw, and felt like it had a lump, and needed someone to check my throat. because it was hols, not too many real doctors were there, but one first year student looked inside, and said 'your tongue is white!' - i said, i'd just eaten... and nothing further was done about it. a couple of days after i got home, my mouth errupted into white spots - like blisters, only not a blister. they didn't hurt, they were raised, and they were all over. I used listerine, and they all disapeared in a couple of days.
righty then... fast forward about 10 days... and blam! i get hit with spots.
spots exactly like these...

and here is my mouth a few days ago, only mine was 'worse'...

ladies and gentlemen...what are these spots?