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December 29th, 2008

Dec. 29th, 2008

My new EMF toy arrived today! Sweet! Hubby laughed when I told him what it was lol/grr.

Hubby asked me yesterday, and i quote; please forgive me if you believe that i have not fulfilled your rights.

I actually had to stop and think about this statement. it had so many loops, it made me a bit dizzy. First, he's not actually -saying- he's done anything wrong. He's only asking for a blanket, all incompancing, forgiveness on what I perceive as a slight. That he's big enough to take blame for something he's not actually done, cause he's just that kind of guy. After mulling it over a bit more, i'm going to ask for specifics. If he wants forgiveness, then he has to take accountability and responsibility over whatever he's done. And i want to pin him down a bit. Tell me -exactly- what rights you've not fulfilled. He's always used my ignorance of a subject to get away with shit.