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November 25th, 2008

how interesting, 4 out of 7 people said 'bread' was their comfort food. the other 3 said 'cheese' products.
i would never have expected bread to be a main source of comfort food.

missed flu shot cause hubby loaned out car, and they didn't get it back in time for my appointment. oh. darn.

I'm rattling so much today, my chest vibrates. I sound like a big cat, purring.

I got season 10 of Most Haunted. I really don't know why - I was sooo disappointed in season 9, but well... I'll see it through. it really can't get worse, now can it? in a way, i miss david acora. You got to admit, he was one hell of a show man. He got a little tweeked there at the end, but still. And can someone tell me what happened to the guy who was the historian? whoits name. He was missing in season 9.