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September 24th, 2008

Sep. 24th, 2008

guess i should at least make a nod to the day.


I still plan on doing some hang gliding, but the weather isn't conductive to it. Will probably have to wait until spring or summer. But I'll still be 50, so it still counts!

seems like any other day, really. A friend from germany is visiting this week, and we've been doing stuff. we went to madam tussaud's a couple of days ago. If you're planning to go to the london version of madam's don't bother. They've got photographers up every few feet that will take your picture - for a fee. and they have a rather lame 'disneyland' type ride, which also takes your picture. for a fee. and they are charging like 25 quid to get in. they attempt to squeeze as much money out of you as they can. Four battery's cost £10. and the manikins are.... not that special. And, at least on the day we went, their disabled elevator was out. If you have any trouble with stairs, you'll be in trouble. There are HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of stairs. Yes, it damn near killed me.

today, we're going to british museum, which i always love. They have free wheelchairs ;)

I just found out hubby has never seen The Lion King, so i got to keep an eye out for a copy of that.

Cheers, all!