September 8th, 2008


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Still cant see my back, but it feels pretty tight. think its like a rug burn thing.
Strangely, my armpit hurt and arm hurt, as well as my back. Took a look... there's a very neat thin bruise line, like a marker line, running from my arm pit to my elbow. funny looking thing. looks like i grazed the back, but the real impact was on my arm.

I've been experimenting with english recipes. couple of days ago, i did this fish pie that turned out good, but for the rice. the rice was nasty! lol - so now i know what doesn't work with it. next time i do it, i'll use a rice mixture i know will work with the fish better.

today i'm doing an onion and cheese pie. so far, so good. been at it 3 hours, another 30 minutes and i'll be popping it in the oven for the final bake off. will it work? sure hope so! I've been doing it in batches... rest... roll pastry... rest lol.

i've been saying for years, cows/cattle make more of an impact on global warming that cars do. I just wasn't sure of numbers lol

18% global emissions from cattle.
13% from cars.

You really got to hand it to the guy that wrote this article. He managed to use a huge variety of words, in place of 'fart'.

yes, we still need to do our bit. Yes, we need cattle - if only for the milk.

"There are various possibilities for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming animals.

....such as genetically engineering strains of cattle that produce less methane flatus,...."

how about just feeding them less gassy foods? oops... used the G word!