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September 5th, 2008

We sold our piece of shit lovely car a couple of weeks ago. Some long searches by my OCD husband produced a nice little car, very basic, low mileage, silver gia thingy. We got it this weekend! yay!
yesterday, some yahoo smashed into it, in a turn. Took out the drivers side as neatly as opening a can (with a machete). Alhamdulilla, hubby was unhurt. I wasn't in the car. A very good thing - I'm paranoid as all get out when hubby is behind the wheel - he's a maniac. But it wasn't his fault. He was stationary at a corner. We had the car 3 whole days.
Again, thanks to my OCD husband, all documents were soundly completed within hours of purchase. We had insurance and all proper tags.

I am woken this morning to the 'lick clink, lick clink' of the stray cat coming inside to nibble on shahhe's food bowl. I'll go months, sometimes a year, without seeing 'chuckles', the sadest looking cat ever born on the planet. Lately, i've been seeing him about 3 times a week, coming to 'steal' shahhe's food (which i keep topped up pretty high, just for that purpose). The 'lick clink' comes from his scrapping the last of the very godly goodness of the squishy food from a metal plate, that he's licked up to the wall, where it bounces back a bit. Shahhe usually comes in and guards him while he eats, so I don't take it into my head to hurt him. Today, she didn't - she had other plans. in this case, catching a moth the size of my hand. it was all over the place. under the bed, over the bed, by the wall, under the desk.... she was all a quiver, and in full hunting mode.

In other words, its SIX FUCKING AM AND I AM AWAKE.

So, i might as well update.

Hubby is staying at the marqus during Ramadan (yes, it's Ramadan. I feel nothing special about this, this year.... last year, I didn't even get edie - in fact, thinking on it, I've only gotten edie once - this is like having a huge christmas tree, with all the family holding hands around it, singing 'yahoo yeahee' - and you being the only person not to have a box under the tree. But i shouldn't whine. I'm alive... I almost have my health.

Speaking of health; I've been fighting an asthma attack for...um... 6 weeks now. Finally feeling better! I'm breathing easily. Thing is, now, I'm so fucking exhausted I can bearly walk. And I mean that literally. Compare it to someone running a marathon without training; you reach the end and find there's nothing left inside. I've put myself on bed rest, then ignored that advice.

While hubby is away, I've started every other sentence with MIL with the words 'If you lived in pakistan....' 'Sister would make you a new soup every day' 'you'd have servants to do this ugly stuff' 'you'd never have to clean again' 'there'd be people lining up to give you feet rubs' ...
positive, positive. Not one utterance of 'you farging cow, you almost burned the house down AGAIN.' ... see me all smiles and sweet daughter-in-lawy advice.

I've been playing Ultima Online a lot. It's my only stress releaver. I don't have a lot of friends in the game - i find most of the players rather young, vulgar, dip shits who haven't learned how to wipe their ass yet. But i got a few. However, I'm always feeling complelled to share that bit of my life here. None of you play UO, but a lot play WOW, so you know the basics behind the pictures.

UO turns 11 years old this month. Incredible age for an active (if small now) MMOPG. We got new vet rewards this month! They totally kick ass. It was a whole hour on forums with nothing but cheering before the idiots started whining. 'but you didn't give us...' geezus, people, we've waited years for SOMETHING. Don't bitch now, bow down and be grateful you got this FABULOUS stuff. *bitch slaps the idiots*

While sick, which seems to be most of the time, I dont have the energy to go out and kill monsters. So I've been deco'ing my houses. I've really gotten into that side of the game. I made a webpage, because a couple of the deco sites have gone down, with all info in them gone forever. Last few days, i've done nothing but download, convert, thumbnail and upload pictures. My mind has turned to mush. Today, I've got about 200 pictures to upload. Thank you god for FTP.

I'm also the spear head for the UO Halloween Deco Contest 2008 - 2 weeks for peeps to send in entries for halloween decoration. so far, 5 have. I'm getting really worried no one's going to participate. Has me sweating a bit. but, still 7 days to go before voting. i hope now to at least get 20 entries.

thats it ;)