July 5th, 2008


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*checks time*

So, i'm having an asthma/copd attack. i desperately want a shower, but I'm wheezing so bad I'm afraid of what might happen. so I sit here in my sweat. i held off starting another dose of prednoslone, i really, really dont want to gain any more weight. i gained 15 lbs on the last blast of steroids. but i caved last night and started another course. started low in the puny hope that i wont start to feel like i'm starving, but it's done nothing to help, so i'm having to up the dosage. *crys*

*checks time*

hubby bought a couple of new pc games, which i'm about to slip into the computer. maybe that will distract me from my sweat and wheeze.

Hubby is now out of the house, dumping that piece of crap car on a car dealer, and buying a nice, boring corolla. just 3 years old, with only 6k millage, we're hoping it'll last awhile. sure costs enough.

*checks time*

Doctor who is on tonight. Not that i'm watching the clock, or anything.