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April 6th, 2008

london olympic torch


Fifteen arrests have been made as clashes between pro-Tibet protesters and police marred the Olympic torch parade on its 31-mile London journey.

Protests over China's human rights record began soon after rower Sir Steve Redgrave began the parade at Wembley.

Demonstrators tried to snatch the torch from ex-Blue Peter host Konnie Huq.

And after an unpublicised change to the route, the Chinese ambassador carried the torch through Chinatown, amid fears her presence could be a flashpoint.

So, 1) it's snowing, although likely to melt by 4pm, and cause freezing ice on the roads
2) I'm having an asthma attack and
3) there's a chance it wont even go by my house along whitechapel....

I'd say I wont be getting any pictures of the torch today