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March 3rd, 2008

it only took 1 hour, 15 minutes of calling the doc to finally get through ;) they -are- improving! just to find out that they're all booked up and i should go down to the clinic. i could have done that over the bloody weekend. bah. So, i'll be going there and sitting for god knows how long, as i'm technically no in danger now, not having any problems right this minute. i guess i better take a book.

Mar. 3rd, 2008

color me surprised;
me: walks to clinic in subzero temperatures and sandals.
clinic "no can do, little buddy. you need blood work request from your GP"
me (paraphrased) he.he.he.
me; walks to doc's office, discovers knee is not totally healed from last month.
doc's desk people; huh?
other doc's desk people; i'll take the request to a doctor, take a seat.
me; reads chapter of book
another doc's desk people; how do you know you had a heart attack?
me; i don't know, thats why i want the test
same person; i'll have the doctor call you.
me (paraphrased); he.he.he.

gotta love the nhs

so, doc called me and is going to refer me to the heart people, who 'should call me back before the end of the week', which is super, if they can do any testing over the phone. I suspect what will happen, from previous nhs experience, that they will schedule me for an appointment for sometime in the next 3 months - i do believe that's the cut off point for when they have to see you on referral.
i may as well wait for the next episode, and simply call 999.