feath (feath) wrote,

Chauvet cave art 'older than thought' [blog]

Artical here.
I'm still spitting a few nails, I'll calm down in just a second.

quote: The new time-line suggests historians will have to push back the estimated time during which our ancestors first developed wall painting skills—those in the cave demonstrate a higher level of proficiency than was believed to have existed at the time.

That's it, folks, human's are just soooo frecking brilliant, they were painting walls almost before they got there. It's not even a gleam in their scientific eye, not a thought beyond how amazing us humans are, it's not a fly on the wall. The light of alternative ideas didn't bounce off their minds.

They're older than human art, because they older than human art.

I've been saying it for years, and I'll continue saying it. It's Neanderthal art. They've already proven some of the art is Neanderthal - the simple stuff, the dots and some hand prints. But real art? Oh, that MUST be human. No need to test it any further! Those brutish thugs were way too stupid to be able to make this quality art.
Tags: archaeology, art, neanderthal, pissy
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