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fried green computers [blog]

So I dropped a mainly full cup of hot cocoa. On my computer. On my desk. On my chest. On my two monitors. On my mouse pad. On my router.
Into the keyboard of the lap top it seeped. And dried. And stuck. And brought the nightmare from hell. We'd just upgraded my lap top. It was totally awesome. Amazing. Fast.
And fried.
I'm back to my two year old computer. With no current bookmarks. or passwords. But it works, by golly, and I'm not chewing my way through the walls.
The lap top does work - just no keyboard. And if I plug in a different key board, they fight each other, with no way to turn off the lap top one. Which pulls up random things. As if there was a cat inside, tippy toeing across the commands. All the keys turned into hot keys. The voice over lovingly detailed each new 'command'.
I'm only just gaining back the will to live.
I managed to save my pictures, writing, and thank god, passwords. Otherwise, right about now, you'd be hearing about a crazy woman attacking random strangers in the street with a broken lap top, screaming something about the gods of hades and hot cocoa.
The thing about my old keyboard, is it is so well loved, all the key markings have worn off. Good thing I'm a touch typer.
It's going to cost about another £100 to get my lap top cleaned. That's on top of the £150ish we just plugged into it to upgrade it. I MISS my laptop. That sucker rocked!
Tags: computers, death, sobbing
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