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amazon ads [blog]

A couple of days ago, I did a search on amazon, looking at 'how much do these cost?' for a machine.
Today, I got an email from amazon, with a list of suggestions for that kind of machine.
"We saw you didn't buy anything. How can we help you give us money?"
Now, I can take that two ways.
1) ever so helpful, amazon is looking out for me!
2) amazon is determined I spend my money. With them, preferably.

I can just see claxons going off in some corporate office somewhere.
'We hit 5 billion looky-loo's, Fred. Do you realize how much money we lost? How can we get them back?'
"I know, let's send them their click history in an E-mail, and see if we can remind them how awesomeness we are!"
'Great idea, Fred. Here's a golden para shoot for your brilliance.'
"But I already got three! How many times do you plan to fire me?"
'Not at all, we expect you to die at your desk. But it sure looks pretty, don't it? And it's only 2.2 million, about .003%* of what we're worth, so far!'

*sorry, couldn't resist.
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