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amazon affiliate rejection [blog]

I tried to become an amazon associate, to get their seller widget that you post on your website. But they turned me down. :(
They gave 3 reasons. 1) it wasn't 'finished'. (I guess they want dead sites?) 2) it wasn't 'a unique site' (like amazon is a unique site, lol) and 3) it didn't have 'original content' (amazon, pot...)
I guess they want long, rambling words of wisdom from feath, on a visually one-off web site.
And the fact I had under 5,000 unique visitors a month may have influenced their thought process.
Oh, well. I resisted for years having any ads on my web page. I wanted to go with amazon to highlight my books I have for sale there. I have been saved by their snobbery lol
I tried for a long time to find a 'friend' who could make me a new web page, but there were never any takers. If I do go that route, I'll have to go with a 'professional'. That costs a lot of money. :( That might be the 'unique site' requirement they want, that it isn't an 'out of the box' website skin. Since I never found a friend to help, that's the route I had to go.

'finished' means 'dead' in the virtual world. I've been putting new stuff up continuously for months, ever since I 'got well'. But not 'blog' type entries, that are easy to identify as 'original content'. Just new generators, which a non-layman of the industry doesn't realize takes a fecking lot of thought.
'unique site', there's nothing new out there, including mass selling sites, that sell other peoples stuff.
'original content', again, nothing original out there. Unless they just want a blog like entries on the front page. *shrug* I could do that, and in a way I do. I think they want 'article' kind of stuff, where you click a link to go see what it says. Maybe. They aren't exactly exact in their requirements.

Here's a copy paste of their default copy paste, with the 'nice rejection' stuff removed.

Since your website does not appear to be finished, we are unable to view your content in its entirety. (come to think on it, I'm still working on 'villain' and haven't posted it as active yet)

We encourage you to resubmit your application after creating a unique site with original content.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Tags: amazon, rejection, sales
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