feath (feath) wrote,

Story Ideas, generators and brain melt down [blog]

As you may be aware of, I've been making my random story generator prompts into ebook format. In the course of this month, I've made 14 of them, the 14th going up today.
Due to that, I've seen somewhere around 1,500 randomly generated story ideas in under 30 days. Do you have any idea what this will do to your head?
I've had more ideas than I could possibly use. The ReImagine a Fairy Tale book alone took four times what the other books did, cause I kept reading and being inspired by the prompt. Holy hell, that'd make a great story. They were all like that, but the fairy tale prompt especially. For me. Other people would look at them blankly - until they realized great movies or books were stolen from fairy tales, and they never noticed. Dinsey made a fortune off it.
I'm thinking I might just do a book on all the stories generated by the prompts. Maybe make an anthology.
Tags: anthology, books, generators, idea
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