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Winner!! *shiny winner sticker for my book* [blog]

No, not really. But I've learned something lately. I've no idea how long this has been going on. It could be something that's risen up since the indy author became normalized. Maybe before the indy, publishers did it for the author.
But those 'winner of the .... book award' stickers you see on books? Pretty much a paid for by the author. Ok, it hasn't gotten to the point where you give someone money, and they fork over a sticker. But it's getting close.
Another of my nieve assumptions eats grass.
I always thought, some well known (or lesser known) organization reads a ton of books, picks out the good ones, contacts the author, and say; yo, sweet cakes, Luu uu ve the book. Awesome work. We want to give you our Gold Foil Winner of This Amazing Book sticker, that you can put where ever you want. Thanks for advertising our organization!
No. No, that's not how it works.
The author (or previously, I'm sure, the publisher) plonked the book down on a desk, handed over a hefty 'administration fee', and hoped it was good enough to be included in the winners circle. Yeah, the winners of these books, submit their own work, and pay for it to be reviewed. Depending on how well know the awarders are, not an inconsiderable sum.
At least - well, I am assuming - it's not a straight transaction, cash for sticker. The sticker folks, I do hope, still actually review and pick out the 'best of the ... paid for'. But how long before they are just a straight transaction?
Yeah, other authors will figure it out. And tell each other. But the common, everyday reader? They'll think they're legit.
There's already a lot of rumbling in the writers field, of including 'number 1 best seller!', cause it's just so easy to get nowadays. Your free book hit the #1 spot in whatever amazon section you had it under, for an hour? Winnah!

My pretty rose spectacles ripped from my face by the clawed talons of reality. It's left scars.
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