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I've been writing generators for over 10 years [blog]

and it never even dawned on me to put them into a book format. A friend asked why I hadn't and it was a total face/palm moment.
I've written these generators from scratch, every option from my head. No one else could put these up for sale without hitting copyright laws. (they are very much welcome to use them personally, and to use them as prompts in writing communities. Any stories someone writes from them, are theirs. The generators, though, are mine.)
That's what I've been doing these last couple of weeks. They should be going up on amazon today or tomorrow, but very soon. There are (currently) 10 genre specific books. I plan to do a box set. We'll see how that goes.
If I can't pan for gold, I'll sell shovels and mules.
My biggest problem is, I don't have a cheering section fan base. And I can't afford advertisements. I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm just making a statement. I don't data mine my visitors for emails, so mass marketing is also out. Word of mouth, baby.
Research shows there's not a huge section for this type of thing. And those that are up, have a lot of reviews. Writers buy these things, AND they write reviews, bless their inventive little hearts.
The book covers I made aren't high end, but better than the majority I see on amazon, which is mainly two tone brown generic covers. We'll see how that goes, too. Here are a look at them (low end compress)

Character book cover Dragon book cover Fantasy book cover
First Words book cover Genre-less book cover Historical book cover Horror book cover
Mystery book cover Science Fiction book cover Thriller book cover
And I see LJ truncated them, how odd. Still, at least you get an idea. And I see First words is almost unreadable. Think I'll change that to white font.
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