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Time management and priorities [blog]

My life is a constant balance and evaluation of priorities and time management. I can't take 3 trips for 3 things. I have to plan it so 3 things are done in 1 trip.
This morning was a stark reminder of this.
Bladder pressure woke me this morning. So up I get, passing shahhe who's sitting near the window, to come face to snout with the Lost Cat, who is sitting in front of my bedroom door.
Startled, my asthma, which was already tight, not having had any medication yet this morning, went into instant overdrive, slamming the breaks on my ability to breathe.
My list of priorities just got a lot longer.
Up to that point, my priorities were:
Pee. Needed now.
Nebulizer. Needed now.
I had chosen pee first, neb second.
But the strange cat in my house just added a whole bunch more.
Get cat out of the house. Needed now.
Keep shahhe from starting a fight. Need now, but before getting the other cat out of the house.
Feeding cat. Low priority.
Pee. Needed now.
Nebulizer. Needed now.

I knew I couldn't leave the cat in the house. The chance of shahhe starting a fight was high to absolute. And having an asthma attack while trying to ignore (or stop) a cat fight in my bedroom was unlikely to help said asthma attack. If just seeing a strange cat in my house set me off, imagine what flying fur, slashing claws and cats screaming would do.
I decide getting the cat out of the house was first priority. But have to keep shahhe from going ballistic, before that. I move shahhe, giving the cat direct access to the window, so he doesn't have to start a fight to get out. Get bag of cat food, which encourages cat to go out the window, to get fed. (get several head bumps as thanks for this thoughtful action, from lost cat.) Lungs are getting tighter, I can feel I'm breathing on the top 5-10% of my lungs. This isn't good (she said with british understatement).
Now, I'm down to pee or neb.
Previously, I'd chosen pee first. But now I had to reevaluate.
If I neb with a full bladder, if I cough, sneeze or choke, there is a good chance I'll puddle the bed. But if I go pee first, there's a good chance I won't make it back for the neb, as I'll basically be doing all that while doing the equivalent of holding my breath and pass out.
So which is least evil: possibly peeing the bed, or passing out.
I chose neb first. Luckily, and I do mean luckily, I didn't cough, sneeze or choke. It took me three times as long as normal to kick start my lungs, but I did. I then made a beeline* for the bathroom.

Where this particular set of priorities is unusual, it does illustrate how I have to live my every waking moment. Things listed as immediately needed, would be nice, and low priority. Then, not by what would be best, but what would be the lesser of evils.

*btw, do you know where the expression 'beeline' came from? When bees head to water, they fly in a straight path to get there. Going over things, rather than around. Or is this bit of trivia an urban legend?
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