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to do & done

I wanted to put my youtube audio story up on my author page at amazon (and I see for some reason my photo didn't post. I know I put one up.). But after 7 hours and the video still not being uploaded, i gave up.
No matter what format I use to upload to amazon, it loses formatting. The 'least' problematic only loses page breaks. I downloaded calibre and it actually formatted the book from word to epub, without losing any of the formatting, which was great. But I don't think it carried over to amazon.
Yesterday was a day of TV heh. But today got some work done. I made a couple of twitter cards pictures. And I've started some twitter cards from my web page.
And I've started talking to the kid who's going to help me with apps, we'll see how that goes.
Things are ticky boxing off, not too much left to do. yay!
I did check into how much adverts are. insanely expensive. so that's off the docket.
i think i'll either work on my psychometry book or an audio story for youtube. or nap ;)
here's what my twitter pic/card looks like.
Season of the Sand Bird by Feath Pym
Tags: cards, code, quest, sand bird, twitter
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