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http://goo.gl/j6sO0e Neanderthals blamed for pretty much anything bad in humans. Bad article in that it doesn't give any links to studies.
How many ways does this article -offend is too strong a word- annoy me? Let's count the ways ....

1. the picture chosen - (off the 'net, i got it too) - they have him shaving, but not brushing his hair. show me ANYTHING on earth that doesn't groom. They have his eyes small and beady - Neanderthals had bigger eyes than humans. Okay, maybe it's the 'old man' look - then his ears need to be sagging.
At least they got the skin color right. Neanderthals are the original europeans, modern humans were african.
2. they blame "...including immunological, dermatological, neurological, psychiatric and reproductive diseases,” on Neanderthals. Did they miss anything? Perhaps teenage angst? no, that might be under 'psychiatric'. Pimples? yeah, pimples are human, right? ah, no, that's dermatological.
3. "sun-induced skin damage in fair-skinned, blue-eyed people called keratosis appears to be linked to the inheritance of genetic variations that stem from the Neanderthal lineage." ... in other words, folks, Neanderthals were fair skinned, blue eyes and probably blondes (my probably). It's been previously found that Neanderthals had red hair, as well as brown and black. Blonde not confirmed (that I remember), but as they are european and love cold environments, I'm betting they did.
4. the one thing they don't mention is 'gambling addiction', which has been mentioned before. Now, maybe they're lumping 'addiction' with ALL addictions, smoking, drugs, gambling, sex, ect.
The way this article reads, we can blame every bad thing to happen to our breed as coming from Neanderthals. We are lily white blameless!
White racists call themselves 'pure' white, which kind of has me giggling. The only 'pure white' homo were Neanderthals.
Okay, rant over. The article annoyed me because it didn't have links to back up what it said. And the way it's trying to demonize neanderthals.

As a blond

As a redhead

the picture they chose for this article
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