feath (feath) wrote,


OMG, I'm writing! I've been editing for so long, I've forgotten the freedom of just creating.
Just started a new novella.

And I'm using my word meter, too :D

although it doesn't seem to be looking right on lj
for some reason it's changing all the " (double quotes) into ' (single quotes). How weird is that?

I can clearly see where the error is when inspecting, but can't find the problem in the code. :( Tom did the code years ago. It seems to have broken itself, cause I didn't do it!

100 / 500

Looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to code a new word meter. Or just give it up. *sad puppy eyes*

Although tests show it works fine on my webpage. it must be LJ coding messing with it.
however, all this shit has messed with my will to live, much less to write.
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