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gratuitous sex

Like a pimple, this subject has been coming to a head with me. Time to pop it and see what oozes out.

Gratuitous sex - sex sells has been a marketing strategy forever. Using women (I mean that in all its meanings) to sell anything from cleaning products to yachts. There are places in literature and movies, where sex is appropriate. Like if Mary is screwing John, showing that everything she told John's wife, Jane, were all lies. That's appropriate to the story. But gratuitous sex, thrown in for no reason, is - well, there to sell their product. I'm thinking of Game of Thrones, which is basically porn with a plot.

I'm starting to think we have become a nation of voyeurs. That we can't even tell a story without some girl getting banged - in the background or in your face. That anything without sex won't sell. Without sex, the story is so boring, people won't bother to watch or read.

Erotica has become the number one best selling genre. What does this tell us about us?

Real life has sex! I'm told in comments, like I didn't know that. Yes, it does. However, I'm not looking through my neighbors bedroom window as I talk to my friend about the heating bills. There are places for sex in literature, but I'm really tired of gratuitous sex. I'm not a voyeur.

So don't watch it! Sneers a superior commenter. Guess what, I don't. But I won't know until I watch some of it.

Is it any wonder at all, that our immigrants think our girls are whores, just waiting for a man to fuck them? They see our movies, their main introduction to our society, and see gratuitous sex everywhere.

I'm not saying we should become a nation of prudes. I'm saying the plot should be written well enough that you don't need gratuitous sex to hold your readers/viewers interested. It's a novel concept, but it just might work!

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