feath (feath) wrote,

Hugh Tyrell I (1095-1159)

I've been doing a bunch of ancestory research, and I think I'll keep tabs of my interesting bits here.
First up, Hugh Tyrell, norman knight, prince of Poix.

Ok, I have to admit, I am seriously in love with the line I've been researching. (fathers' mother's line). These guys (the Tyrell's) were knights. They weld their swords through every major battle in history. From the crusades with Henry to Hastings with William - and a few after that, but can't remember the names. Hugh Tyrell, Vicomte D'equennes And Prince Of Poix, got Avon as a reward to helping William. He built Castleknock castle, and boy that castle has great history. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys were Templars at one point, they got the whole 'death before dishonor' thing going on. Even their women are mentioned as holding the castle against impossible seige odds.
....course, the blood's thinned out a bit, since then.
Tags: ancestors
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