feath (feath) wrote,

the quest/nano

I am struggling with nano, as expected. I am just under projected goals, if i could just get in a 2k day, i'd be ok, and 2 or 3, 2k days even better. But I'm not trying to just 'write anything, just write', I'm trying to write sense, because this story is important to me. And every once in a while, i find myself skimming ahead, like a surfer on a huge wave, just trying to stay up. When I need to be a diver, diving below the wave, and discribing everything there from the current to the fish. So, on the one hand, I'm screaming at myself to write FASTER, DAMN IT, on the other, I'm screaming SLOWER, DAMN IT.
In the end, the story is more important than nano, but I really wanted to win it this year, after not doing it for 4 years.
the story is at 30,000 words, of which, 12,500 are being counted for nano. I'm coming up to the end of chapter one.
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