feath (feath) wrote,

Paralympic games

This has been bugging me for a long time and I think it's time to vent. I see commercials on TV about the Paralympic's... slick ads that show little kids with futuristic mechanical feet. Adults running with high tech prosthetic legs, oiled skin over bulging athlectic muscles, as they pound past the camera. Yeah, they are "disabled". They're missing a limb. They're in a wheelchair. They have some kind of needed medical aids. Yet, to me, they're as disabled as Mark Spitz. They are plastered in sponsor logos. It makes me kind of mad. They are ANYTHING other than 'disabled'. I think they should be lined up and competing with 'normal' people. Only 'normal' people would be screaming the 'paralympic' players had an advantange.
I remember the paralympics when it really WAS the paralympics. When kids with down syndrome ran 50 yards and crossed the finished line with a shit eating grin on their faces. When it wasn't about the money, but about the victory of overcoming your shortcomings and going out there and giving it everything. THOSE kids were my heros.
Now it's just about the money. :(
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