feath (feath) wrote,

Wow, Care and feeding of your new pet: clam dragon made spot #10 on amazon.uk's humor list. (dropped to 12 now, damn!) It's #32 on amazon.com. These are the free lists. on the 'everything=pay/free' list, its like 1,300. Not shabby, but no one will see it unless they're plowing through the free lists.
Out of the 10 people I gave free copys to, when it first went up, 4 of them put up a review. the other 6 have ducked from the room, as it were. they either A) didn't get it, B) hated it, C) can't be assed to write a review or D) have died. but of the currently 200+ books I've given away on sale, NO ONE has writen a review. *face palm*
once the promotion is over, the only way this book will be seen is if it has a shit load of reviews. If my 40% review percentage continues, I should have a shit load. but not one. *chews nails*
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