feath (feath) wrote,

diognoses, almost

Diabetes has always been my 'nightmare' illness. I could handle lupus - cancer (with a bit of bitching) - weird blood deseases, no problemo - black death with oozing puss filled modules, its cool - but get diabetes? See me desolve in a puddle of terrified goo. Needles. daily needles. I have a needle phobia. I'd rather jump in a pit of anti-social rattlers. Got to take a second test to verify it. I'm praying it reads negative.
So, the Lupus was negative. Doc says that leave three posibilities. 1) it's arthritice. 2) it's a pinched nerve. 3) it's a 'frozen shoulder'. I am (english accent) scheduled (/english accent) for an xray and another apt with the guy with (nervice laugh) shot in my shoulders. and maybe new type of pain killers (YAY!)
So, time marches on in a dark fugue.
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