feath (feath) wrote,

urban fox

I hear a wooden BANG from the back garden at about 2 AM - so did Shahhe. I decide to investigate. Shahhe is in front of the window, on the floor, doing her impression of a meercat, trying to see outside without exposing her position. I wiggle around her, and peer outside. I'm expecting the ferral cat I feed, when he shows up. But i see nothing. I keep looking around, looking for movement.
Then I see the fox. I'm not sure what sizes foxes come in, but I think this guy is about normal for the breed - like a mid-sized dog. and he's fluffy as all get out. Must be a winter coat. He's checking out the garden - I'm assuming looking for any left over food from the ferral. He doesn't find anything, but he checked out every scent there was. The window was cracked open about 2 inches - I kept breathing deeply, trying to smell him, but I couldn't. Do foxes not have a scent that humans can smell? I've smelled coyote, they're quite pungant.
I thought about getting my camera, but didn't want to stop looking long enough to find the camera in the dark.
I really should have though, cause he was magnificant when he jumped from a standing start to the top of the 7 foot fience. He was rubbhish, though, walking along the top of the fence. Its only about 2 inches wide, and he did a lot of wiggling to balance, and he back feet slipping off. Shahhe does it much better. Just before the end of the fence, he totally slipped off, and fell over the other side of the fence. It would have made a great utube video heh.
Does anyone know fox body language? he always held his tail stright out from his body. I wondered what that meant in fox language ;)
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