feath (feath) wrote,

Senior Moments to the Max

two days ago, i was having 'stupid moments' - what others call Blonde Moments, or Senior Moments. Har har, funny times!
today, it's 'I can't remember words' moments. Trying to say a sentence, but getting hung up trying to remember a word. As a writer former writer... and well, a person who likes using words for more than just communication, this destresses me. I like being able to convey mood, texture, syntax and humor, all wrapped up in a simple, complete sintence. And I can't when I can't remember the damn noun. Nouns are important. You cant have a sentence with out one.
And another thing - English. I mean, English English. The language I have been surrounded by for 10 years. I've retained my American accent, but now, damn it, ENGLISH is creeping in. Sometimes I'm confused because I want to say a word, but I'm not sure which word to use. American English or English English. I will studder over the word until I give up, throw up my hands, and say Fuck It. It makes me sound demented. As in demntia. As in, my husband was afraid I was walking down the path my mother did. Hell, maybe I am. Maybe thats what demintia is. Being unable to chose which word, as well as being unable to figure out what word.
I'm tired.
So maybe a hospital stay is in my future. This could be a good thing.
Tags: ghosts
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