feath (feath) wrote,

Shahhe and Me

Every night, Shahhe 'steals' my computer chair while I get ready for bed. (Tehcnically it's her turn to the chair, as she politely reminds me with a single claw tip tap on my leg at midnight.) My usual routine is to do my nightly bed time rituals, then take a toy and 'sneek up' on her, around the corners of the chair. But last night, i was too tired to play.
So I did my routine, and started to get under the blankets. I glance over at shahhe.
She's sitting up, peeking around the back of the chair, at me. All I see is one diolated eye and a perked up ear.
Clearly, she's wondering what happened to play time. I hadn't realized she looked forward so much to it. So I made the effort and we played 'catch the TV remote'. After a few minutes, she was satisfied that all approprate actions had been done, hunkered down and went to sleep.
It just cracked me up, when i saw her peeking around the chair at me lmfao.
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