feath (feath) wrote,

shahhe injoyed playing with a tinkle ball when she was a kitten, but it's been many years since anything other than a real hunt has interested her. until now ;)
I got her a lazer pointer and she has gone cat-crazy.
after only 2 days, she recognizes the object in my hand as the source of the prey. and she also recognizes the CLICK it makes when i turn it on. Whiskers wide, ears alert and paws splayed, she's after it. She's quite out of shape. After a few minutes, her sides are heaving, she's breathing so hard. But she intently watches the 'hole' i send the prey down, before turning off the light. She knows it's there. Hiding. She'll reach in, trying to find it. Look behind it, did it just go to the other side?

Hubby has discovered Double Stuff Oreo's. He looks remarkably simular to Shahhe when the oreo bag is in the open. "Double Stuff! Who know it was this good!"
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