feath (feath) wrote,

so hubby takes me out to birthday dinner.
wonderful T bone steak, lamb chops, rice, chips, salad... two super sauces, one of which was a wonderful balance of spicy/sweet/tart. very nummy dinner. I couldn't eat it all, and brought back the left over steak. 8 oz, who knew it was that much?
In the car on the way home, I notice my lips feel swollen. and more swollen - was getting that whole, pouty bee sting look. then my cheeks started to feel swollen...my chin...my nose...my tounge.... Im wondering if something had lemon in it (a lot of lemon,as just a tiny bit doesn't do this much damage), and could only think it was the new sauce.
I get home and take antihistamine. A few hours later, I'm getting hungry again and looking at the left over steak. Look, who the hell puts lemon on steak, right? but Im still swollen and cautious. I had hubby call them and ask which, if any, of the menu items had lemon on them.
ALL OF THEM DID. even the flipping steak.
No wonder I'm looking like i just got botox.
These guys were my favorite place for eating out. - cleo, you might remember them? the shahara grill? god, good food. and now I cant ever go back. :*(
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