feath (feath) wrote,

good news/bad news

Its one of those good news/bad news things.
Good news is: im alive.
Bad news is: why spoil the surprise?
Saturday I noticed my left calf had swollen. I'd been pretty active the day before so figured I'd pulled the muscle. Tried to stay off it, keep it raised, yadda yadda.
Next day, it was more swollen and had a splodgy red coloring, like when you're really cold. The other leg had it too, and since i was having occational chills, figured i was cold and turned the heating up.
Monday the swelling was on my calf and my thigh. it flipping hurt to walk. checked for bites: none. alergic reaction? nothing new in diet. Red streaks? nope. Scratched my head and kept the leg raised as much as i could.
Tuesday, Now my knee was swollen and my ankle. I couldn't bend my leg and it hurt like a mother. But, it didn't hurt to touch it, it was just swollen and couldn't take any pressure by standing. No brusing. No fever.
Wed: talked to hubby about it. the leg was turning dark red and the swelling felt it was now into my groin. Asked him to take me to A&E. I wasn't panicy, like with a bad asthma attack (in fact, my breathing was as good as ever), but i had a BAD FEELING about this. thinking was: swelling started at calf, has now reached groin, and the only thing above groin were things essental to living. I was thinking something small had bitten/stung me and i was reacting badly.
After a couple of hours sitting (with small wimpering sounds of pain) in the waiting room, i was triaged. and tested.
so, good news is: im alive.
bad news is: i threw a blood clot.
While i was at the hospital, my lower abdomen started to hurt. I figure at rate of travel, 2 to 3 days and that blood clot would have hit my lungs or heart. Echo found it 'somewhere between my groin and my lower abdomen.' (sorry for spelling, im too tired to look it up lol)
they put me on blood thinners (shots in the tummy) for 5 days and once they have the daily blood tests, they'll know the exact dossage of warafin (however its spelt) I'll need to keep my blood thin. I asked how long the swelling would last and when would it be normal again. they replied "in a few weeks to six months".
the thought of up to 6 months in this kind of pain makes me want to puke.
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