feath (feath) wrote,

I saw this on BBC news online and just went WTH? a VERY large nude woman. Breasts loveingly over detailed. Totally nude. except for what looks (from this angle) like a hair veil. I'm disgusted. Like it would have been totally impossible to make it look like HAIR. This thing had to go through tons of review before getting accepted. NO ONE noticed this?

then, the MoD Appologied for making their target practice targets, which just by total mind numbing STUPIDITY, look like mosques. . Why? "so that the boys would know what the environment will look like."

Is it so ingrained, that the english dont even see the unconscience bigatry? or is it a case of 'dehumanizing muslims' so it makes it easier for the boys to kill them?

A rather more important update tomorrow, when I have a bit more energy.
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