feath (feath) wrote,

alhamdulliah, the note arrived and I'm getting paid in like 2 days. Not soon enough! lol
I got the bed 'fixed' - i can lay on it and not fall through to the floor, so good enough.

some stats from my family research:
the most common occupation in all the generations: farmer. No contest at all. Easily 80% are farmers.
5% are religious figures - priests. All of them came from England.
5% are gentlemen/royalty/aristocracy
then I get like one of various things: 1 brickmaker. 1 blacksmith. 1 wagon driver.
Almost every generation had a man in a war. None of them, that I've found, died in war.
4 died from getting kicked by a horse. 1 of those developed epilepsy from it and took several years to die, in an insane asylum. 1 hung himself.
My roots come from ameriandian, england, scotland, Germany, france, and Switzerland.
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