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I got my mtDNA HVR-1 and HVR-2 tests results back.



CRS is the 'benchmark' used, to compair all other DNA tests to. How yours differs from this man is how your mtDNA is written out.
Bringing the headbashing science down to 'dummy' level (my level!) its actually rather easy to understand.

(I'm going to use random numbers, just for examples)
There are thousands of dna strands. Each bit of that strand, is a 'marker' a place where it fits. Conviently numbered, 1 through 17,000. Depending on its type, it gets a 'letter' T, C, A, G.
So lets pretentd CRS, the benchmark, is;
so the 'marker' for 2 is B, and is written as 2B.
Now my mtDNA has differences from CRS. they're call mutations. A woman was born, who's DNA changed at that point, and all living women from her line inhearted it. (then one of HER daughters mutated, and IT was passed down) The above lists shows where my mtDNA is different from CRS.
in place marker 16126 my gene mutated to a C (from CRS' T)
By using these markers, you can trace your mtDNA back through time. A map. We know about 'when' they happened, and about 'where' (shame its not who!).
There was the original EVE, who' had X number of daughters, who had X number of daughters, who each mutated the gene. it's how they're traced back. For convience, they've been named by the letter of their 'halplogroup'. - the branch of the tree they are designated at.

My tests results said I was halplogroup T.
A few minutes research on the web, and I was able to clarify that to halplogroup T1 (there are 3 known T branches so far).
T (and U and B and a few others) were the daughters of R.
Here's were it gets interesting, and difficult, for me.
Oral family history has my mtDNA line amerindian. Some treasured family photos seems to verify this (and living memory). But. Halplogroup T is NOT amerindian. Its out of Siberia/China. Russian, basicly.
However, the sister of T is B, and B IS Amerindian. The difference between T and B is a single SNP marker. Which doesn't show up on the test I took.
The test results I took shows T at 36% probabily as my haplogroup. and B as a 32% probabilty.
I will need to take the extra test to determin if there's one more mutation. If the mutation is there, I'd be a B. If its not, I'd be a T.
I KNOW there is amerindian in my genes. What I dont know is if its my mtDNA line. For that matter, I think (from my research) we had 3 amerindian ladies marry into the line. (My great-grand father was taken in by 'his grandma' to register as indian. He's got 2 grandma's, and his wife has 2 grandma's, and that gives me at least 4 possible amerindian 'ggg-grandma's) But thats for later research - if I can do more than just figure out which tribe.
For my current research, I went under the assumption that my ggg-grandma' (mtdna line) was T. Following that link back, it brings me to Mary, wife of John, Greenoway/Greenway/Greenaway/Greeneway, etc) These two intrepit persons took (confusingly, but must have seem like an omen) The Mary and John to America from London. I've managed to ferret out Johns dad, William, who was a millwrite. Other than that - ziltch. John was born in 1560-ish. Older records haven't managed to get online yet, and if I want to go back further, I'll need to go to a special genealogy's records depository.
Thats of course, if my mtDNA is T. If its B, everything from Lucy (my gg-grandmother) gets axed, because its at Lucy where the confusion comes in. And it's Lucy's line that takes me to the Kings of England. Every record i found, had Lucy the daughter of Joseph cowart and sarah jane overstreet. But there is also a record for a woman, same age and name as Lucy, registered as indian. She can not be both.

so, here's your chance to predict which line I come from. Am I group T and desendent from John Lackland, king of england, or am I group B, amerindian?

Prince John (modern interpritation)

Prince John (tradition interpritation)


Meeting the soon-to-be inlaws

Feath, you're mtDNA line comes from ...

King John Lackland
Ooh, ticky box!
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