feath (feath) wrote,

Really strange ... o.O

I got 1/2 of my mtDNA test results back. (this is like telling a leopard it has spots, but not the shape of the leopard)
As you know, mtDNA only traces the female line. mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers...
I've only traced that line to 1780, and its still in Georgia, usa.
Now, from my research, I've found my great-grandFATHERS line is directly related to King Edward (and two of the Henry's) so far. (since i 'basicly' know where this line is going, I haven't put much time into it)
ok, so here's the WEIRD part.
Here are my markers for HVR-2: (the spots)
73 Substitution A > g
152 Substitution T > c
195 Substitution T > c
263 Substitution A > g
309 Insertion C > CC
315 Insertion C > CC

which would be read as:

HVR-1 would give me the shape of the leopard, but for now, just to get the feel of it, I just used the HVR-2 test results.

so, I checked my markers against a few famous people, for grins.

Marie Antoinette;
HVR-2 markers: 152C, 194T, 263G, 315.1C
HVR-1 markers: 16519 (i dont have mine yet)

Tsarina Alexandra (Tsar Nicholas wife)
HVR-2; 263G, 315.1C

and Nicolas himself;
HVR-2; 73G, 263G, 315.1C

I'm like, WTF?
My MOTHERS line shows matches? Only difference between Marie and me is her marker is 194 and mine is 195? (have to see what exactly that means. does it mean no releation at all, or does it mean theres a 99% probabilty?)

But, my MOTHERS line?

If I'd seen this before doing ancestor research, I would have thought I was getting ripped off. Marie Antoinette? Tsar Nicolas? no way, i want my money back! I'm still floored, though, but at least I dont think they got my DNA mixed up with someone else.

Waiting impatiently for my HVR-1 test results to arrive. This will answer a lot of questions, as well as define the questions i need to be asking.

my MOTHES line?? o.O
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