feath (feath) wrote,

My family are rabbits. they breed alot. they got no social life, because all they're dame well doing is breeding. Two, three, kids is great. Five is, um. okay. NINE of them, you need a social life - but for gods sake, FOURTEEN of them?? living? I know you need help on the farm, but ffs, people, I'm begging you.

Speaking of breading on the farm...

I got one guy, 37 years old, a widdower with a son aged 13.
He's diddling the little girl down the street. Little Lu is 13 years old, and preggers.
I put "place of marriage" as "In front of shotgun".
He married her Oct 1st. Their first born is born in Oct sometime. they had a total of 9 kids, so he must have still liked her after she grew boobs.
I just want to go back in time, and smack the shit out of him.
Now, one of their kids married my grandfathers father. She DEVORSED him, which is practically unheard of then, unless you're royalty (and boy, these people weren't royalty!) Now, I know my grandfather was diddled by men when he was growing up. And the story in the family was, my grandfather was 'given' by his dad, to his dad's friends, for play time. My granddad's mom grew up from just such a releationship, so I'm guessing she found out about it and kicked his ass from here to sunday.
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