feath (feath) wrote,

Well, shahhe is eating - a wolf comes to mind - and using the box. she sits on the chair arm and looks out the window. i have it set up so peeps outside cant see her unless she sits in the window and stretches up. which she doesn't seem to want to do - yet.
shes a soft voiced cat, but lord, she sounds loud in here. surprising how much carpeting absorbs sounds - or how much sound is made by its absence.

i went to the store today, and while there got to feeling pretty tight in the chest. reached for my inhailer to find it gone! yikes! i made it home, but haven't beaten down the asthma attack yet, hours later. the longer you got to wait to fix it, the harder it is to fix.

new picture up on the front of the journal.

i got a friend lost in the middle of buffallo. out of towner - i hope he finds the hotel lol
scenes from The Out of Towner keeps coming to mind.

talked to my mother today. she's not doing well, having a bit of memory/speaking troubles. the manager of her sr. housing is trying to kick her out, cause she's not keeping her place clean enough ... seems to me the home help should be the ones getting in trouble, because thats their damn job to keep the place clean. twice a week she comes in. and the carpeting? the carpet hasn't been changed sence my mother moved in over 20 damn years ago. thats got to be illigal. i'm thinking the managers in the US have to change carpet and paint every 10 years or something?

makes me mad, thinking about it.

edit; i'd heard someone trying to get in the front door. rattle rattle rattle...i got to look to find it was shahhe trying to open the bathroom door. (she knows how to open doors). the bathroom door is heavy, but doesn't latch properly, (and always closes by itself) so you only need to pull/push. she'd get out easy, but getting in was proving beyond her strength. i opened it for her and put a little thingy in the jam so it doesn't close all the way. she investigated everything and lost interest. lol
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