feath (feath) wrote,

i couldn't figure out why my bed would move up to four inches over night. i'd wake up to find the whole bed moved.
looked underneith it and found the middle supports had sheered right off. hum. getting back to that...
so i tried to fix them, by putting other supports in their place. had to shift the monster matrice off, lift the frame, put the supports in, put the matrice back on.
i so totally fucked up my knee. and listening to my body, my back isn't that great, either.
i had planned to go get shahhe tonight. i'm getting stabbing motions from my knee up my leg every time i bend it. hubby is "helping" by not helping, and wont just bring her over. i'm about to just give up and tell him to keep her.
about the bed, um. its kind of weird, actually. i'm not bouncing around on it. those two small middle supports are just to support the wooden slat "springs". hardly any pressure is put on them at all. the other day, i woke up in the exact same position i'd fallen asleep in - even the covers weren't moved - and my bed was 4 inches to the right. the floor is rough concreate. almost as good as velcro. when i shift the bed, i have to put some real muscle into it - this bed is NOT light. but ALMOST every night its moved. not EVERY night, but like 2 out of 3.
reflecting more on it, those 2 small supports were solid metal. it would have had to have taken MASSIVE force to break them off.
like i said, weird.

so anyway, my fucking knee hurts.
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