feath (feath) wrote,

I bought a new computer - it arrives today or tomorrow. i love new toys ;D
the problem is, it leaves me 200 quid until all the benifits are started. this scares the hell out of me. i've got family that keeps saying they'll pay me for the web service i've been supplying for free for years - normally, i'd say forget paying, its whats family is for. but they keep saying they're going to pay, and... well, it never gets done. at this point, it would really make the difference. eh.

M and her husband R stopped by grandma's last week. my aunt saw her and said she looks very cute pregnant. this makes me very angry and very sad - not that she looks cute, for gods sake, but thats she's such a bitch that she can't even email me with the news, send a photo, phone me, what the fuck ever. i pray, from the bottom of my revengeful heart, she has a baby just like cleo.
i'm evil.
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