feath (feath) wrote,

The new Star Trek movie rocks. Great use of historical continuity, with a good twist that keeps you watching, not totally sure whats going to happen. super effects, acting, scripting.
I was totally impressed with it. 2 thumbs up from an original trekkie!

one tiny quibble; this new directors view of showing an actors ear, cheekbone and an outside corner of their eye, with 99% of the screen filled with blurry background. hate it. i'm thinking its supposed to fill the viewer with...um...anticipation, edgy energy, maybe the feeling that the person is about to burst onto the screen with a fire engines energy - what it actually DOES is fill me with irritation. I want to see the actors, their faces, their expressions - their eyes and mouths, and the little wrinkles, what-the-fuck-ever. NOT their ear.

so, directors take note; stop it with this new practice.
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